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Sunday Jun 23, 2024

9:00 am What is Israel's path to healing and national resilience after October 7?

The trauma of the October 7 massacre by Hamas terrorists has left an unprecedented mark on Israeli society, profoundly affecting individuals and communities alike. The healing process appears to be long and multifaceted, involving psychological support, community rebuilding, and a reestablishment of trust and security. This journey requires both immediate interventions and long-term strategies.
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Monday Jun 24, 2024

11:00 am Israels 7 Fronts- Lebanon with Robert Rabil

This is part 6 of our 7-part series.Tehran not only dominates four Arabic-speaking countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen) but has reached new levels of aggression in the past half-year, starting with the Oct. 7 atrocity and followed by the bombing of Pakistan, impeding commerce in the Red Sea, and a drone and missile attack on Israel. Khamenei aspires to build a Ring of Fire around Israel, mobilizing seven territories working together to bring about Israels destruction. How successful is this plan? Does the sum add up to more than the parts? How can Israel most effectively respond?
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Wednesday Jun 26, 2024

11:00 am Conversation with Mosab Hassan Yousef, The son of one of the founders of Hamas, Sheik Hassan Yousef

If anyone understands the mentality of Hamas, and all of the Islamic resistance groups, it is the son of one of the seven founders of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef. Otherwise known as The Green Prince, EMET has developed very close personal relationship with Mosab, since we honored him in 2010. It is our profound pleasure to be able to interview Mosab, who has been through a very arduous and difficult journey away from his deep roots within the Muslim Brotherhood, and its Palestinian branch, Hamas.Mosab has been making a great come back lately and has been on many national and international television programs. For example, please see his brilliant remarks on a recent edition of Piers Morgan.Mosab will discuss the war in Gaza, what is happening in southern Lebanon with Hezbollah, the Iranian and Qatari relationship to Hamas, and what is taking place within our nation, particularly on US college campuses.About the Speaker: Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in Ramallah, in the Palestinian West Bank in 1978. His father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, is a founding leader of Hamas, internationally recognized as a terrorist organization and responsible for countless suicide bombings and other deadly attacks against Israel. Yousef was an integral part of the movement, for which he was imprisoned several times by the Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence service. He withstood torture in prison only to discover Hamas was torturing its own people in a relentless search for collaborators. He began to question who his enemies really wereIsrael? Hamas? America? While in an Israeli prison, Yousef was approached about becoming a spy for the Shin Bet. Initially, Yousef accepted it with the idea that he would betray them and in hopes he could use the role to protect his father and family. Later, as Yousef saw the hypocrisy within Hamas and became a Christian, he used the position to save lives on both sides of the conflict. Yousef worked as a double agent within Hamas for nearly 10 years. He was granted political asylum in the United States.
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4:00 pm Jewish Yemenite Traditions in Israel with Avia Halevi

In many Jewish Arab traditions, a Henna ceremony is celebrated with the bride before her wedding, as a rite of passage to married life. In this talk, Avia Halevi, an Israeli of Yemenite descent, will share her family's immigration story within the context of the Jewish Yemenite community in Israel. Avia will describe their traditions while she recounts her personal story of preparing for her own Henna ceremony in Israel. Avia will further elaborate on Jewish Yemenite traditions and customs and the ways they are maintained by the community in Israel until this day.
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Monday Jul 08, 2024

11:00 am The Courage to Be Uncool with Noa Tishby alongside Bret Stephens

Since October 7, American Jews have been pushed out of the places that were once their cultural and political homes. This feeling of outsiderdom is a new one for American Jews, and one that took them by surprise. Join New York Times bestselling author Noa Tishby alongside Bret Stephens on Monday, July 8 at 2:00 PM ET for a conversation on the new position American Jews find themselves in and the steel they will need in the battle to support Israel.
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Sunday Jul 14, 2024

10:00 am Jewish Heritage Across the Balkans: Slovenia and Serbia

Travel through time in the former Yugoslav territories, discovering the blend of Sephardic and Ashkenazi traditions. Learn about Jewish life from ancient times to the present day, including the heroic stories of Jewish Partisans during WWII.
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Sunday Aug 11, 2024

10:00 am Jewish Heritage Across the Balkans: Bulgaria

We conclude our Balkan journey in Bulgaria, where the majestic Sofia Synagogue and the historic town of Samokov await. Experience the architectural splendor and deep history of the Jewish community from its earliest days to the 21st century.
Register at https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIufu6hqD0uH9wMLvu-oRJvc-SkG7ernZkB#/registration