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Thursday Apr 25, 2024

9:00 am The New World of Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism on Campus with Sarah Breger and Sharon Nazarian

Some universities have experienced anti-Israel protests and a spike in antisemitism since October 7, leading to tensions between donors and administrations, concerns about student safety, and the canceling of speakers and events related to Israel because of the threats and fear associated with such programs. Join Moment editor Sarah Breger for a conversation with Dr. Sharon Nazarian, former ADL Senior Vice President in International Affairs, and an academic at UCLA, about the impact Anti-Zionism and antisemitism is having on academia and the implications it will have for Jewish life on campus in the future. Nazarian experienced firsthand the difficulties teaching students about antisemitism and discussing Israel: Just days prior to October 7, she launched a new course at UCLA The Globalization of Antisemitism: A Survey of Transnational Trendson understanding antisemitism through a global lens. This program is part of a Moment series on antisemitism supported by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.
Register at https://momentmag75.ticketleap.com/sharon-nazarian/

9:00 am Russian Meddling in the Middle East: A View from Jerusalem with Vladimir (Zeev) Khanin

n this engaging session, we will delve into the shifting landscape of regional confrontations, moving beyond the traditional Arab-Israeli paradigm to a broader Western versus Iranian blocs confrontation. The recent Israeli military operations against Hamas will be analyzed as a significant milestone in this new reality, reflecting deeper strategic alignments in the region.Furthermore, we will examine Russia's expanding interests in the Middle East and the "Global South" through the lens of Jerusalem. Gain valuable insights into Russia's strategic motivations and its impact on regional dynamics, shedding light on the complexities of geopolitical interactions in this critical area.In addition, our discussion will explore the bilateral relations between Israel and both Russia and Ukraine following key geopolitical events in 2022 and 2023. Specifically, we will analyze the ramifications of the events of February 24, 2022, and October 7, 2023, on the diplomatic landscape of the Middle East and beyond. This session promises to offer nuanced perspectives and expert analysis on the intricate web of international relations shaping the Middle East today.
Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vMQvzOVuQWugbvIPOlsBUQ#/registration

Thursday May 02, 2024

1:30 pm Israel Today: A Wide-Open Conversation with Yossi Klein Halevi and Amy E. Schwartz

Yossi Klein Halevi, senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, joins Moment Opinion and Book Editor Amy E. Schwartz, for a conversation about whats happening inside Israel right now: from a contentious government to a divided people and more. Halevi is the author the New York Times bestselling book Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor and co-directs the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI) with Imam Abdullah Antepli.
Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5817136448872/WN_PoiqOVCZQ4S3wAfBAe-BsA

Sunday May 05, 2024

2:30 am Hamas Statistics True or False? With Professor Lewi Stone, Professor Greg Rose, and chaired by Natasha Hausdorff

Grim statistics of Palestinian casualties in the current war in the Gaza Strip have been repeatedly reported in the media. They are having a major impact on public opinion, political discourse and legal proceedings, such as South Africas claim against Israel in the International Court of Justice for genocide. Reference is frequently made both to the overall total and the breakdown into men, women and children, with the implication that most of them cannot be combatants since they are women and children.But are these figures true? A number of statistical analyses have been published indicating they are not true, including a recent article in Fathom Journal by Professors Tom Simpson, Lewi Stone and Gregory Rose. In this webinar two of the authors of that article will discuss the problems with the statistics and their legal implications with UKLFI Charitable Trusts Legal Director, Natasha Hausdorff.
Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Y_zKq_KWRLiy0hGb0l8jrQ#/registration

1:00 pm Fighting the NGO War on Israel Featuring Naomi Kahn

The war on Hamas has unleashed a storm of new libels against Israel. Meanwhile, in Judea and Samaria, longstanding libels persist. "Settler violence," "land grabs," Israeli "home" demolitions and Israel "killing children" are daily headlines. Not only are these accusations false, they're an inversion of reality. Worse, a European Union funded and orchestrated NGO (non-governmental organization) war against Israel aids and abets these Palestinian crimes. This huge story has received zero media coverage outside of Israel. The most prominent force pushing back isn't the Israeli government, but the Israeli NGO Regavim, which is on the ground documenting, reporting and legally fighting against this daily war on Jewish rights.
Register at https://clubz.swoogo.com/eyeonzionkahn/begin

Monday May 06, 2024

11:00 am Israel's Seven Front War: Gaza and the West Bank with Gregg Roman and Rick Richman (7 sessions)

Gregg Roman examines Gaza and the West Bank in this weeks session of Israels Seven Front War. Beginning with Hamass brutal assault on October 7, Israel has found itself in a multifront war, according to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, attacked from seven fronts: Gaza and the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, and Iran. In this seven-part series, presented by American Jewish University and the Middle East Forum, AJU scholar in-residence Rick Richman will moderate discussions with MEF experts on each front, in an essential new set of programs on Israels fight for its future.
Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/israels-seven-front-war-gaza-and-the-west-bank-registration-881565274467

Tuesday May 07, 2024

12:00 pm Jews and Antisemitism on Campus: A Century of Discord with Mark Oppenheimer

Just after World War I, the trustees of Columbia University conspired to limit the number of Jews on their campus, instituting concepts like geographical diversity to more easily recruit Gentile students from outside the New York area. In the century since, restrictions on Jews atschools like Columbia, Harvard, and Stanford came and wentand some worry that campus climates have turned hostile again. Well learn the truthand explode some mythsin this four-part course, ranging over 100 years of higher education.
Register at https://open.aju.edu/event/jews-and-antisemitism-on-campus-a-century-of-discord/

4:30 pm Remember and Rejoice, Celebrating Israels Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day) through Music with Josh Shron, Israeli music expert

Join us as we commemorate Israels Memorial Day (Yom HaZikaron) and celebrate Israels Independence Day (Yom HaAtzmaut) with meaningful music from Israel. With Josh Shron, Israeli music expert and host of Israel Hour Radio. The program is free and everyone is welcome.
Register at https://lappinfoundation.tfaforms.net/86

5:30 pm Dr. Einat Wilf & Zo Tara Zeigherman on "Zionism and Anti-Zionism: The History of Two Opposing Ideas" 5-episode course

For the first time in many decades, the debate between Zionism and anti-Zionism seems to be at the center of public discourse throughout America and the West. But what are the fundamental beliefs, assumptions, and narratives behind these two opposing ideas? Why do some embrace the idea of a state for the Jewish people, while others so passionately resist it?In Tikvah's newest online courseoriginally produced by Levana Studiosyou'll join Dr. Einat Wilf, a former member of Israel's parliament and a scholar of Zionist thought, and Zo Tara Zeigherman, a filmmaker and former Tikvah Fellow, for a comprehensive look at the history of Zionismpolitical, social, and religiousand the schools of anti-Zionism that have opposed it.When you enroll in "Zionism and Anti-Zionism: The History of Two Opposing Ideas," you will:Explore the history of the Zionist idea, from its very beginnings through the present day.Encounter the many different schools of Zionist thought, and see how each was opposed by its own distinct version of anti-Zionism.Meet the independent thinkers who championed (and fought against) Zionism and the Zionist project, from the mid-1800s until now.Discover how this history still shapes contemporary debates about Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the place of Jews around the world.
Register at https://tikvahfund.org/course/zionism-and-anti-zionism-the-history-of-two-opposing-ideas/

Wednesday May 08, 2024

9:00 am Dr. Olga Kirschbaum-Shirazki Beyond the Frontlines: A Quick Guide to the Middle East after WWI

In this talk we will put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into its regional context. Looking at the ideologies, motives, and actions of the players, the Zionist movement, the Palestinian national movement, neighboring Middle Eastern states, other national minorities in the Middle East, the European powers, and the international community.Dr. Olga Kirschbaum-Shirazki is a historian, editor and co-founder of Tel Aviv Review of Books, and Visiting Fellow at the Tel Aviv Institute. She received her PhD in Modern European history from New York University focusing on inter-group and inter-faith relations as well as nationalism, colonialism, and international politics in the modern period.
Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_sZ9roKrtQDWjX77-0OMd_A#/registration

Thursday May 09, 2024

4:39 am It Happened on May 13, 1939 & 1948 the 85th anniversary of the sailing of the SS St. Louis/the Eve of the Establishment of the State of Israel

Join us for a special panel discussion of two historic events that took place on May 13 and how they are related.85th Anniversary of the sailing of the ill-fated SS St. Louis from Germany on May 13, 1939The eve of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948Panelists: Ido Aharoni, Israeli Diplomat; Dr. Hans Fisher, Passenger on the SS St. Louis; Robert Krakow, Executive Director of the SS St. Louis Legacy Project; and Dr. Sonja Kreibich, German Consul General to New England.The link to view the documentary, Complicit, the story of the SS St. Louis, will be emailed beginning on April 25, 2024.
Register at https://lappinfoundation.tfaforms.net/83

Sunday May 12, 2024

10:00 am Cursed: A Social Portrait of the Kielce Pogrom with Dr. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir

Cursed: A Social Portrait of the Kielce PogromIn Cursed: A Social Portrait of the Kielce Pogrom, Dr. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir investigates the July 4, 1946 Kielce pogrom, a milestone in the immediate post-Holocaust events impacting Jewish life in Poland and the Jewish diaspora. This massacre compelled thousands of Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust to flee postwar Poland. It remains a negative reference point in the Polish historical narrative and represents a lack of reckoning with the role of antisemitism in postwar Polish society and identity politics. Cursed is a microhistory that recreates the events of the Kielce pogrom step by step and examines the dominant hypotheses about the pogrom through the prism of previously classified archival evidence.
Register at https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_9GzDGHBURbG2DwFMWLtVGg#/registration

Monday May 13, 2024

8:30 am Standing as One Nation: Honoring Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom HaZikaronwith Meltons International Director, Rabbi Dr. Morey Schwartz

Join the worldwide Melton community for this meaningful and poignant online ceremony marking the observance of Yom HaZikaron (Israels Memorial Day) and the transition to Yom HaAzmaut (Israels Independence Day). The 30-minute ceremony, live from Israel, will be led by Melton's International Director, Rabbi Dr. Morey Schwartz. Through study and song, we will honor the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives, remember the victims of October 7th, and pay tribute to the miracle of the State of Israel as it marks 76 years since its establishment in 1948. Together we will mourn. Together we will rejoice. Together we will witness the resilience and strength of the State of Israel. Am Israel chai!
Register at https://events.org/events/calendarcourse?tid=9fc829f8-9b78-4184-bb10-41ab4ca1cb35

10:00 am Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem with Alan Cooper

not yet available
Register at https://inspired.jtsa.edu/event/timely-insights-timeless-wisdom/e548457/register/new/select-tickets

Wednesday May 15, 2024

11:00 am Israel and the World After October 7: A Conversation with Yael Eckstein

Since October 7th, Israelis and Jews worldwide have questioned how the Jewish state will relate to the international community. Yael Eckstein, President and CEO of The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, one of the world's leading religious charitable organizations, has a unique perspective on Jewish-Christian relations and Israel's role in the world. Yael, based in Israel, will be in discussion with AJU President Jeffrey Herbst about the lessons she has learned from helping many thousands of Jews move to Israel, providing humanitarian aid to victims of terror, and building inter-religious understanding.
Register at https://www.aju.edu/events/israel-and-world-after-october-7th-conversation-yael-eckstein

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

10:00 am If Not Zionism, Then Nothing: Henrietta Szold and Zionism in Her Own Words with Francine Klagsbrun

Even before Theodor Herzl published his treatise on Zionism, Der Judenstaat, Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah, had lectured about the centrality of Zionism in Jewish thought. She believed that Judaism was a way of life, and as such, Jews needed an attachment to their homeland to complete their identity. Using her writings and ideas, this program will investigate Szolds view of Zionism. How did her approach differ from Herzl's and that of her fellow American, Louis Brandeis? What did Szold mean by, if not Zionism, then nothingthen extinction for the Jew? Did founding Hadassah, the Womens Zionist Organization of America, fulfill her Zionist dream? Join Francine Klagsbrun, author of Henrietta Szold: Hadassah and the Zionist Dream, for this insightful look at one of modern Judaisms most impactful thought-leaders.
Register at

Previously Presented Talks

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An Inside Look at the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism with Matthew Berger
"The Middle East's Historic Moment" with Zvi Hauser

111 Live Zoom Tour: The City of David with Julia Newman 9 -23-21
1939 Worlds Fair, A Jewish Perspective
A Conversation with Andrew Roberts and Bret Stephens
A Critical Juncture in the Israel-Hamas War with David Haperin

A History of American Jewish Politics and Identities
A History of Jews in Americas Armed Forces
A Nation That Dwells Alone: The Demonization of Israel at the U.N.
A Potential Palestinian State: Will It Be an Ally or Enemy of the United States? with Yoram Ettinger

A swinging bunch of people no longer (John Podhoretz).
A Watershed Moment in Diaspora-Israel Relations: A Call for North American Jews to Stand for a Jewish and Democratic Israel with Yossi Klein Halevi
A World Without the Islamic Republic of Iran with Jonathan Spyer

ACES Ethnic Studies Toolkit
Advice to a Jewish Freshman
Advocating for Israel with Comedy (Z3 Podcast Ep. 17: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding)
AJU Presents Forum on Roots of Antisemitism with Michael Berenbaum

Aleksandra Gliszczynska-Grabias: Do Human Rights Still Apply to the Jewish People? On Weakening the Human Rights Law Protection against Antisemitism
Alexa: what can be expected from Israeli Elections?
Ali Alfoneh on the "Strategic Lessons" Guiding Iran's Behavior
Aliyah: How the Face of Immigration to Israel is Changin
All about Activism': Countering Foreign Influence in the West
Ambassador Danny Ayalon and Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi How is the war in Ukraine impacting Middle East countries? Antisemitism at the University of Toronto
Americas International Credibility Post-Afghanistan
Americans vs Europeans: Guess Who Deals Better With Islamism? with Sam Westrop
Amnesty International's Israel Problem - and Mine Susie Linfield & Bret Stephens
An Expert Perspective From Israel on Global Affairs and Changing Geopolitical Alliances
Annual Zeev Jabotinsky Memorial & Tribute with Lawrence Chariton
Anti-Semitism and Philo-Semitism Their Role in the Birth of Israel
Anti-Zionism as National Origin DiscriminationWith Alyza D Lewin
Anti-Zionism in the academy and what we can do to fight back
Antisemitism and Hindudvesha: What Jews and Hindus can learn from one another
Antisemitism and Nazi Germany

Antisemitism and the Contemporary American Left
Antisemitism and the Politics of Ethnic Studies in California's K-12 and Higher Education Classrooms:
Antisemitism for Dummies Naya Lekht
Antisemitism in Academia with Asaf Romirowsky and Kenneth L. Marcus
Antisemitism in the Academy and the Fate of Jewish Studies: An Insider's View with Jarrod Tanny
Antisemitism in the Classroom: What to Know, What to Do StandWithUs presentation by Mike Harris
Antisemitism on Campus & Title VI Investigations withPhilissa Cramer and Senior Reporter Andrew Lapin
Antisemitism on Social Media
Antisemitism on Social Media since 7 October with Dr Matthew Bolton and Jacob Turner

Antisemitism: Ideologies and Institutions with Richard Landes and Asaf Romirowsky.
Arab Terrorism, Judicial Reform, and Iran with MK Dan Illouz

Are Schools Promoting Antisemitism? Unpacking K-12 Ethnic Studies and Social Studies Curricula with Elina Kaplin

Are the Kurds on Their Own?
Are We Perilously Close to a Deal with Iran and What Can We Do About It? with Richard Goldberg
Artificial Intelligence, Jewish Ethics, and the Future of Humanity with Oren Etzioni, Ellen P. Goodman?, David Zvi Kalman?, and Orly Lobel

Assessing the Strength of the Abraham Accords Today
At War: Heal Israel Now Briefing from Hadassah
ation campsthe bodies of the victims were consumed whole in crematoria and open fires upport for Israel's Democracy vs. Holocaust Inversion and Soviet Propaganda Themes with Lt.-Col. (res.) Maurice Hirsch, Featuring Fiamma Nirenstein -
Australia: The Unpromised Land - How Australia Almost Saved 125,000 Jews with Jacob Steinberg
Avi Goldwasser: Failure of Jewish Leadership Assembly (March 14, 2021)
Avi Melamed - 40 days into the war
Avi Melamed - Israel at War Day 55
Back to the Polls: Breaking Down the Israeli Election David A. Halperin and Rabbi Cosgrove
Bassem Eid: Inside The West Bank and Gaza
BDS Monitor Live, with Alex Joffe, editor
BDS's sinister Mapping Project,
Ben-Dror Yemini author of the book Industry of Lies: Media, Academia, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
Ben-Gurion: Father of Modern Israel
Beyond The Conflict: Life in Judea and Samaria with Ezra Ridgley
Beyond the Headlines wjith Aryeh Myers

Beyond the Headlines: A Closer Look at Israel at War with Dr. Michael Koplow and Rabbi Zuckerman
Biden and Iran Deal
Bidens Iran Deal: An Assessment
Bidens Policy on Lebanon Risks War on Israels Northern Border with Tony Badran
Birth, Death and Everything in Between
Black South African stands with Jews against antisemitism Olga Meshoe Washington
Border Communities: Resilience and Rebuilding in post October 7th Israel with Tira'el Cohen

Bret Stephens interviews Howard Jacobson
Briefing w/ Elliott Abrams on Israel at War
Brigitte Gabriel on Living Under Islamism: A Personal Tale of Survival
Bruno Schulz and the hijacking of history
Can "The Whole World" Be Wrong? - Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism, and Global Jihad
Can Israeli Innovations Help Solve California's Water Crisis?
Caroline Glick: Does American Jewry Have a Strategy? (May 12, 2021)
Cartoons and Zionism talk by Yaakov Kirschen
Cashing Out: World War II and The Flight of Nazi Treasure with Neill Lochery

Challenges faced by non-orthodox Jewry in Israel
Changing Face of Antisemitism: Insights from Social Psychology
Charles Jacobs Asks "Where are America's Jewish Leaders?" on Islamist Antisemitism
China in Egypt and the MidEast with Mohamed Farid
Christian Supremacy: Reckoning with the Roots of Antisemitism and Racism" with Magda Teter
Christopher Leighton (ICJS) "Contending with Christian Supersessionism: When Best Intentions Falter"
Chuck Schumer calls rise in antisemitism a "5-alarm fire" in Senate floor speech
Circulating Zion: Global Photojournalism and the Making of a Jewish Nation with Dr Rebekka Grossmann
Clifford May: How Think Tanks Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.
Colonialism, Racism, and the Arab Israeli War of 1948 with Benny Morris and Jeffrey Herf

Combating Antisemitism on College Campuses (panel)

Combating Antisemitism post Oct.7th with Michal Cotler-Wunsh

Confronting Campus Hate Head-On With Ale Safian and Sasha Chernyak

Confronting Holocaust Distortion and Antisemitism

Connecting Jewish Identity with Jewish Values with Donniel Hartman and Sarah Breger

Conversation with Dara Horn and Bret Stephens (Sapir)
Conversations on Zionism: Reclaiming the Narrative: Stand Up and Fight Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Bxh5GSONg
Corinne Blackmer (Southern Connecticut State) "Queer Anti-Zionism: Antisemitism in LGBTQ Communities Then and Now"
Crash Course on the History of Israel (Session V-Answering Difficult Questions about Israel) Charlotte Korchak
Crash Course on the History of Israel : The Rise and Decline of the Arab-Israeli Conflictby Charlotte Korchak
Crash Course on the History of Israel : Zionism, Arab Nationalism and Jewish Statehoodby Charlotte Korchak
Crash Course on the History of Israel: From ancient to modern times.by Charlotte Korchak
Crash Course on the History of Israel: The Evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Part 1 by Charlotte Korchak
Creating Shared Society in Israel
Current Challenges to US Leadership
Daniella Greenbaum and Editor-in-Chief Bret Stephens - Israel at 75
Danielle Haas in Conversation with Bret Stephens on her SAPIR essay "The Human-Rights Establishment" from the new Friends & Foes issue.

Danny Danon: My Five Years as Israel's UN Ambassador
Data Science Vs Hamas Math with Abraham weiner

Dave Rich (Community Security Trust) "Everyday Hate: How Antisemitism is Built into our World, and How We Can Change it"
David Bernstein (JILV) "Does Radical Social Justice Ideology Fuel Antisemitism?"
David Collier: What Explains Ireland's Extreme Antisemitism?
David Cook on Islamic Studies Today: Challenges and Trends
David Makovsky: Analyzing Israel's Conflict with Palestinian Islamic Jihad
David P. Goldman: The Dire Consequences of Iran's Birth Dearth
Debating Zionism with Dr. Micah Goodman 1 Zionism as the Liberation of Judaism: The Debate over the Soul of Secular Zionism
Debating Zionism with Dr. Micah Goodman 2 Is Zionism Messianic? The Debate over the Soul of Religious Zionism
Debating Zionism with Dr. Micah Goodman 3. A Theology of Rejection: The Haredi Struggle with Zionism and with Modernity
Debunking the myth of the occupation with Mordechai Kedar
Decoding Hamas: Who They Are and Why It Matters with Dr. Andrew Pessin
Deconstructing Apartheid Attacks Against Israel
Defending Israel with David Harris and Joshua Hoffman

Deir Yassin: The Massacre that Never Was with Eliezer Tauber
Demonization Blueprints: Soviet Origins of Contemporary Antizionism with Izabella Tabarovsky
Denying Jewish Self-Definition: The Latest Trend in Campus Antisemitism in America and What Can Be Done About It?
Dexter Van Zile: Bad Journalism Fuels Western Islamists
Dialogue Diplomacy: Guidelines for Conversations on the War and the Middle East with Dr. Olga Kirschbaum-Shirazki

Did Washington Sufficiently Support Irans Revolutionaries? with Jason Brodsky
Diplomatic Briefing: Abraham Accords
Discover the Vibrant Tapestry of Jewish Life: Unraveling Berlin's Jewish History from Early Settlers to Golden Age (Requres BZD membership)
Disinformation, Gruesome Images, and the Digital Fog of War panel
Dismantling Anti-Semitic/Anti-Zionist Abuses in the Education System with Lori Lowenthal Marcus
Dispelling The Myths of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with Yossi Klein Halevi, Khaled Abu Toameh, and moderated by Pastor Dumisani Washington
Do American Jews think Putin is Hitler?
Do you follow that semite?
Documenting the Enablers of Hamas War Crimes-UN agencies, NGOs and governments with Gerald Steinberg

Does Ethnic Studies Have a Jewish Problem?
Does Radical Social Justice Ideology Fuel Antisemitism David Bernstein, author of the book Woke Antisemitism, How Progressive Ideology Harms Jews.
Dr. Mordechai Kedar analysis of Islam and Muslim mindset (2016)
Dreams for Living Jews with Dara Horn
Echoes of Courage: Soviet Jews' Resistance Against KGB's Holocaust Erasure with Evgenia Kempinski

Echoes of October 7: Stories of Bravery andSurvival
Efraim Inbar: Israel Will Confront Iran Militarily, Deal or No Deal
EGYPT PAST AND PRESENT with Adel Darwish, Tarek Heggy and Ronald Cicurel
Eight Tips for Reading About Israel Matti Friedman
Eighteen Days in October: The Yom Kippur War and How It Created the Modern Middle East by Uri Kaufman
Elhanan Yakira Spinoza, Arendt, and Contemporary Israel Bashing
Ellie Cohanim (IWF) "Is Antisemitism an Integral Part of the Islamic Republic of Iran's DNA?"
Emergency Briefing on Irans Attack on Israel with Behna Ben Taleblu
Emergency Briefing with Col. Richard Kemp
Emergency Briefing: Operation Iron Swords (UK Law for Israel)
EMET Webinar - Are the Proposed Judicial Reforms a Death Knell to Israeli Democracy?with Avi Bell - Professor of Law at the University of San Diego Law School and at Bar Ilan.
EMET Webinar - In-depth Analysis of Russias Strategies and Motivations in Ukraine, the Middle East and Beyond FEATURING: Ilan Berman - Senior VP at American Foreign Policy Council
Employment Law in Combating Antisemitism with Howard Levitt (we co-sponsor this event)
End Jew Hatred: Wish you weren't here, Roger Waters
Enough Talk! How Do We Counter Islamism Across America? with Benjamin Baird
Erdogan's Rapprochement With Israel and the Jewish People
Ethnic Studies and Antisemitism
Ethnic Studies in California
Ethnic Studies in your School - What You See Isn't What You're Getting with Lia Rensin
Eugene Volokh on Boycotts, Discrimination, and the First Amendment (law)
Everything the Media is not telling us about the Israel-Saudi Arabia Talks with Mordecai Kedar
Examining Just How UNRWA Operates
Examining the New Unity Government in Israel
Existential Challenges Facing Israel Efraim Inbar, President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security
Expert Analysis of the Israel-Lebanon Deal Mordecai Kedar
Exploring the History and Politics of the West Bank and Gaza with Ido Aharoni
Exploring Zionism and Anti-Zionism .
Exposing the Threat of antisemisim in Campus Media.
Eyal Zisser on the American Universities after American Academics Opted for BDS
Facing Antisemitism

Farrakhan In His Own Words (Table Magazine article)
Farrakhan: In His Own Words backgrounder
FDR, the Media & the Holocaust: What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?
Fighting Antisemitism: Conversation with Seth Brysk of the ADL
Fighting for Jewish Justice on the Temple Mount
Fighting for Religious Freedom in the Middle East
Fighting for the Israeli Hostage - Law Clinics at work with Hebrew Univesity
Fighting for the Israeli Hostages: The Hebrew University Law Clinics at Work
Fighting Hate From Home: The Clear and Present Danger of Conspiracy Theories
Fighting Internalized Antisemitism: Reclaiming Jewish Pride Ben M. Freeman (Pursuit of Jewish Pride)
Fighting the BDS War in the Entertainment Industry
First Friends and Senior Staffers: Jewish Americans and the Modern Presidency with Gary Ginsberg, former White House Counsel,nn F. Lewis, former White House Communications Director and counselor to President Clinton, and Ambassador Dennis Ross
Focus on the Palestinians, Not Their Leaders with Edward Luttwak
Former Minister Ayelet Shaked on the War with Hamas
Franoise Ouzan (Tel Aviv University) "Being a GI Jew in World War II: Coping with Hostile Attitudes in the American Military"

Gaza 101: Before and After October 7 with Yonatan Mendel
Gaza Conflict 2021: Hamas, Israel and Eleven Days of War
Gaza War Update with Alex Selsky and Benjamin Baird
Gaza What You Need to Know This Week with Barry Shaw

Gen Z and Zionism: Is There a Future? with Ammiel Hirsch

Geoffrey Cain: China's Dystopian Police State and the Uyghurs
Gerald Steinberg Explains How NGOs Funnel Money to Gaza Terrorists
Gerald Steinberg: NGOs, Antisemitism, and the IHRA Working Definition

Gil Hoffman (Honest Reporting) in Contra Costa
Gil Hoffman on Media Coverage of Israel" What's New.
Gil Hoffman on New Developments in Media Coverage of Israel
Gregg Roman on Moving Israel Towards Victory
Growing Arab Antisemitism Continues Unabated Because of Internal Israeli Issues with Avi Abelow (we co-sponsor this talk)
Guri Alfi on Jewish Unity - comedian and actor
Hamas and the Origins of Islamic Antisemitism with Jeffrey Hirsch

Hamas Pallywood as a Palestinian Strategy with Richard Landes
Hamas Psychological Warfare Against Israel with Ron Schleifer
HAMAS WAR ON ISRAEL (Urgent Briefing) Stand with us
Hamas's Strategy with Matti Friedman

Hamas's war on Israel. Dr. Paul Liptz
Hamas, Hizbullah, and Iran in the Context of Islam with Harold Rhode
Hannah Baldock: How and Why the British Media Empowers Islamists
Hate Hurts - Understanding the Psychological Impact of Antisemitism
Hate in the US: Unmasking the Antisemitism of CAIR and Other Muslim Brotherhood Offshoots
Hatikvah's Origins
HaTikvah: The Hope and its Discontents Professor Edwin Seroussi
Hatred Out of Control: Solutions and Challenges, featuring Anita Bromberg, President of CAEF, Leo Adler, criminal lawyer and Julius Grey, human rights lawyer, moderated by Christine Williams,
he Law of Armed Conflict and the Gaza Strip With Professor Geoffrey S Corn and Colonel Richard Kemp, chaired by Natasha Hausdorff
hen Did Christianity and Judaism Part Ways? with Dr. Michal Bar-Asher Siegal
Hezbollah's Quandary - More Power but More Hated with Hanin Ghaddar
Hillel Neuer Executive Director of UN Watch, an NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland. Where are Your Jews?
How Arab Orchestrated Antisemitism Affects Life in Judea and Samaria with Hatzalah Director Natalie Sopinsky (we co-sponsor this talk)
How Campuses Turned Against the Jews by Dr. Andrew Pessin

How Does Social Media Fuel Antisemitism? panel
How Hamas Misleads the Media on Gaza War Casualties Featuring Prof. Kobi Michael
How Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid Became Weaponized for Antisemitism with Gerald Steinberg

How Is the Hamas-Israel War Affecting the Black Community in America?
How Israel Compares by Scholars Circle Why Fair-Minded People Should Support Israel and Why Scapegoating Israel is Genocidal Anti-Semitism.
How Israel Stopped Syrias NukeYuval Steinitz
How Not to Think About the Conflictwith Einat Wilf
How Social Media Contributes to Extremism and Antisemitism
How the Israeli Government Is Battling Hamas Disinformation with Sharren Haskel
How the Nation of Islam Joins the Mainstream and How It Is Expelled with Dexter Van

How the Oslo Syndrome Led to the Gaza War with Kenneth Levin
How the PA turns good children into terrorists: the link between Palestinian radicalization of its children, terror, and martyrdom with Itamar Marcus
How the world fuels Palestinian irredentism
How to Develop a Robust EU Policy toward Iran with Charlie Weimers
How to Talk to Your Children and Grandchildren about Antisemitism
Hussein Aboubakr Mansour on "My Journey"
Hussein Aboubakr Mansour on Hamas: Between Jihad and Decolonization
Hussein Aboubakr Mansour on October 7th and the Left

ICEJ Webinar: Just How Hot is Israels Northern Border? with Maj. Elliot Chodoff and David Parsons
Identifying Antisemitism Post-October 7th with Michal Cotler-Wunsh
Ido Aharoni on how Anti-Zionism became the new antisemitism and the rise of Jew-hatred in the age of information overload.

Im Tirtzu Facts and Fictions-Learn More About Israel's Judicial Reforms
In the Path of the Abraham Accords With Jason Greenblatt
Industry of Lies: Media, Academia and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict -
Innovations in AgeTech from Israel Free Webinar

INSIDERS discusses global news that matters most. We cut through the noise to deliver insider analysis and insight.
Insights into Hamas, Fatah and PIJ Ideology and Strategy - Khaled Abu Toameh
International Law - Tailor Made for Israel With Professor Robbie Sabel
International Media Bias Against Israel
Introducing a Great American Hero: The Man Who Leaked the Iran Deal
Introducing Palestinian Apartheid Week
Iran as the Most Destabilizing Influence in the Middle East and Fundamental Human Rights Abuser
Iran Steps Up Its Proxy War Against Israel and the U.S. with Behnam Ben Taleblu
Iran's Counter-revolution? with Amir Taheri
Iranian Dissidents in the Diaspora with Majid Mohammadi
Iranian Dominance Over the Middle East with Amb John Bolton

Iranian Influence Operations in the U.S. from the State Department to Congress with Gabriel Noronha
Iranian Operations in Latin America
Irans Strike on Israel: Unpacking the Causes and Consequences with Eran Lerman

Iraq: 20 Years After the Fall of Saddam Hussein with Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III
Irina Tsukerman on The Evolving Tehran-Moscow Axis
Is a Two-State Solution for Israelis and Palestinians Still Possible? With Aaron David Miller, Ghaith al-Omari and Robert Siegel

Is CAIR on the Ropes? with Dexter Van Zile
Is Israel on a Collision Course With the Biden Administration?
Is Israels Northern Border Heating Up? with Sarit Zehavi
Is it Too Late to Stop Iran from Getting the Bomb? with Richard Goldberg
Is the IDF acting legally and ethically in Gaza? with Prof. Amichai Cohen
Is the Middle East Being 'Qatar-ized'? with Danielle Pletka.
Is the UN Capable of Playing a Positive Role in Palestinian-Israel Conflict? with Anne Herzberg and Joan Lurie (We co-sponsor this talk)

Islamism's Woke Army with Asra Nomani
Islamist and other Extremist Influences in the Establishment of the Jewish State Jeffrey Herf,
Islamist Antisemitism: Where are Americas Jewish Leaders?
Islamists in North American Politics, featuring Alex Joffe
Israel advocacy and insights from those who live it with Cheryl Dorchinsky
Israel Advocacy Workshop
Israel and The World, featuring Professor Fred Krantz
Israel and World Jewry in a Time of Crisis - Part 3 with Abraham Foxman

Israel and World Jewry in a Time of Crisis Part 1 with David Harris

Israel and World Jewry in a Time of Crisis Part 2 with Amb. Dennis Ross

Israel at 75: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities with Einat Wilf (we co-sponsored this talk)
Israel at War series of briefings

Israel at War! with Amb. Yoram Ettinger
ISRAEL AT WAR: A Private Briefing with Middle East Expert Avi Melamed
Israel before International Law Mechanisms International Law Perspectives Part I with Yuval Shany

Israel Civil Society During War

Israel Insider: Lebanese maritime border dispute with Ashley Perry:
Israel on the American College Campus with Joy Getnick

Israel on Trial: Kangaroo Court Goes Global with Anne Herzberg (NGO Monitor)

Israel Politics for Dummies
Israel since Oct with Yuval Malka (Shalicha) and Abbii Cook
Israel Surrounded by Chaos: Lebanon, Syria, and Iran
ISRAEL TODAY: WHAT'S HAPPENING SINCE OCTOBER 7 with Jerusalem Post Editor Herb Keinon
Israel's Democracy is Just Fine with Historian Gil Troy
Israel's Democracy is Not Doomed with Yotam Eyal
Israel's Dilemma in the Face of Deepening Russian and Iranian Ties with Alex Grinberg
Israel's Gaza war, and after with Anshel Pfeffer
Israel's Healing Music with Josh Shron

Israel's Internal Conflicts: Many Sides & Parties
Israel's Judicial Reform with Aharon Pulver
Israel's relations with Europe with Emmanuel Navon
Israel's Stance on Nuclear Iran & A New Approach to the Palestinian Issue
ISRAEL, HAMAS-IRAN, AND THE JEWISH WARS: The Global Battle to Save Western Values with Frederick Krantz
Israel, Iran and the Dangers of a Wider War with Aaron David Miller and Robert Siegel

Israel-Hamas War and the Global Surge of Antisemitism with Einat Wilf, Michael Koplow, and Chanan Weissman
Israel-UAE Peace Agreement
Israel: Caught Between Humanism and Self-Preservation Featuring Nico Black
Israel@75: Stories of Israel's Founders and Declaration of Independence
Israel@75: Zionism and us
Israels Northern Border Heats Up
Israels War of Independence1948- ?
Israeli Elections and the Future of Judea and Samaria David Ha'Ivri
Israeli Food at 75
Israeli Music and the Orient with Prof. Oded Erez
Israeli Politics for Dummies: How to make sense of everything as Israel heads to its 4th election
Israeli Society and Economy in the Shadow of the October 7 War with Avi Weiss
Israeli Victory and the Failure of the Oslo Accords with Daniel Pipes
Israels Defense Strategy after October 7: New Thinking Needed with Aaron Ortal

Israels Evolving Struggle for Survival: Old and New Threats with Shale Horowitz

Israels War and the Diaspora with Chanan Weissman, and Yehuda Kurtzer
Issuing the Call for New Jewish Leadership
It COULD Happen Here
It's a Deep Dive into Judicial Reform in Israel", with Yoram Etal
Izabella Tabarovsky (Wilson Center) "Soviet Antizionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism"
Izabella Tabarovsky: The Sinister Legacy of Soviet Anti-Israel Propaganda
Jacob Kovalio (Carleton University) "The Global Phenomenon of Conspiratorial Antisemitism"
Jacques Neriah on Lebanon in Crisis: No End In Sight
James Sinkinson, President, Facts and Logic About the Middle East Winning the Fight Against Antisemites
Jason Greenblatt: Why Trump's Middle East Diplomacy Succeeded
Javad Hashmi: Who Will Lead American Islam?
Jeffrey Herf: What Was Behind the Miracle of Israel's Creation?
Jerusalem's View of the Vienna Nuclear Talks
Jewish Indigeneity and The Land of Israel
Jewish Krakow, Part Two: Krakow Jews in WWII
Jewish leaders have betrayed, failed our community
Jewish Leadership Project on Failed Jewish Leadership in Boston
Jewish News Syndicate's talks
Jewish Peoplehood: Donniel Hartman at BNai Torah Congregation
Jewish Values and Strategy in Wartime (35 courses)
Jews and Refugees: Text versus Experience Two New Histories and Two Thousand Years of Tradition with Thomas Timberg
Jews Betrayed! with Andrew Pessin
Jews Don't Count with David Baddiel
Jews of Bessarabia (Moldova) Part Two
Jews of Bessarabia (Moldova): Part One with Evgenia Kempinski
Jews of Iran in the 21st Century
Jews of Japan with S David Moche and Rachel Wahba
Jews of Libya and the Holocaust
Jews of Morocco: history, exodus and present by Lyn Julius
John Pawlikowski (CTU) "Removing the Shadow on the Cross: Rooting Out Antisemitism from Christian Teaching"
Jonathan Tobin: Assessing the Latest Round of Anti-Zionism
Jonathan Tobin: Why anti-Semitism is coming back into fashion
Jordan Cope: How Effective Are the Middle East's State-Run Media?
Joseph Sabag: Fighting BDS, One State at a Time
Judaism and Zionism Are Inseparable
Judeophobia and "Islamophobia" in Todays France: Symbolism, Doxa, and Reality More
Judicial Reform and Other Legal Issues Challenging Israel with Yotam Eyal (we co-sponsor this talk)
Judicial Reforms: Assessment and Prospects with Professor Yuval Shany and Professor Avi Bell
Judicial Review in Israel and the UK With Stephen Hockman KC and Prof Eugene Kontorovich
Karin Stogner: Antisemitism, Israel Denial, and Gender - A Critique of Certain Intersectionalities
Kyle Shideler on Known Wolves: Federal Counterterrorism Slip-ups and the Need for State-Level Terrorism Laws
Land Acknowledgements and Delegitimization of Israel with Dexter Van Zile
Last Jews of the Arab World
Laughter is the Best Medicine: the Borscht Belt and American Comedy on Thursday, with John Conway
Lawdan Bazargan on Tehran's Infiltration of American Academia
League of Nations Mandate Centenary
Leaving Islam, Becoming Canadian: Yasmine Mohammed's Struggle for Freedom
Lebanon: The Iranian State Within a State
Leonard Cohen: Untold Stories by Michael Posnter

Lessons in the War of Ideas with Ilan Berman

Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism and Global Jihad with Dr. Richard Landeswe co-sponsor this event
Letters to My Father: Excavating a Jewish Identity in Poland and Belarus Kathleen Balgley
Leveraging the Prospect of Israel-Saudi Normalization to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Progress with Amb. Martin Indyk, Shira Efron, Evan Gottesman, and Michael Koplow
Life in Israel Today Three Perspectives Life in Israel TodayThree perspectives from a Jewish Israeli, an Arab Israeli, and a Christian Israeli
Light in the Darkness -- Richard Ferrer, Justin Cohen, Jodi Rudoren, Zvika Klein
Live Israel update with Brigadier General (res.) Amir Avivi Oct 18
Looking Back, Moving Forward: Can Gush Katif be Reclaimed? with Anita Tucker

Losing our youth to anti-Israel Jewish groups Part 2
LOSING OUR YOUTH To Anti-Israel Jewish Groups featuring Rabbi Benjamin Blech Part 1
Losing the soul of the Reform movement said Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch
Love and Mercy After the Holocaust: The Vatican's Postwar Clemency Campaign
Maimonides: History, Philosophy, Legacy
Making Peace with the Jews?: Contemporary Islamic Arguments for and against Normalization Ofir Winter
Making Sense of the Recent Israeli Election Alex Traiman
Mandate for Palestine was adopted by the Council of the League of Nations (the forerunner of todays United Nations) in London on 24 July 1922.
Martha Lee: Is France Getting Serious about Islamism?
Matti Friedman Stoking Hate: How Israel is Covered in the Media
Matti Friedman: "Who by Fire: Leonard Cohen in the Sinai"
Maurice Hirsch: Is the Palestinian Authority Victim or Victor?
MEF Analysts Address the "New Axis of Evil" with Daniel Pipes, Gregg Roman, and Michael Rubin
Mehrdad Khonsari: Bring on the Iranian Counter-Revolution
Member of Knesset Dan Illouz: The Current State of The State of Israel
Michael Mandelbaum on How the Past Foreshadows the Future in U.S. Middle East Policy
Michael Rubin: Is the Islamic Republic of Iran Stable?
Michal Cotler-Wunsh "The Hamas Massacre of October 7 and Responses to It: A Chronology of Hate"

Middle East: Western Lens | On the Brink with Matti Friedman
Military Challenges for the US and Israel in the Middle East
Mind the Gap: The Divergence Between Israeli & American Jews Jonathan S. Tobin, Editor-in-Chief of the Jewish News Syndicate JNS.org
Miriam F. Elman: Left Antisemitism in the United States: How Jewish Groups Give Cover to the anti-Zionist Movement
Monika Schwarz-Friesel on the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Mauthausen
Moral Courage: Pro-Israel Advocacy in Your Learning Community

Moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem
Mowing the Law Israel Insider with Yossi Kuperwasser
My Heart is in the East, But I Am in the West: The Iranian Jewish Experience with Tabby Refael (BZD membership required)
My Plan to Bring Down the Iranian Regime with Vahid Beheshti

Myths and Realities about Israel's Establishment:
Navigating between Fact, Narrative, and Identity with Ronit Heyd

Navigating Myths: Humanitarian Law & Urban Warfare in the Israel-Hamas War with Major John Spencer, and ieutenant Colonel Geoffrey S. Corn

Nazi's Granddaughter: The Search for the Truth Sylvia Foti
Neighbors: Twenty Years Later with Jan Gross, Princeton University
Nexus of Evil: Russo-Iranian Collusion and the Growing Danger of War
Night Without End: New Scholarship on the Holocaust in Poland Jan Grabowski
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner: Waging the Battle to Bankrupt the Jihad
No Security Without Democracy
North Korea and the Middle East with Bruce Bechtol

Oberlin College Suspends Prof. Mahallati: Background and Implications A roundtable discussion with Benjamin Baird, Lawdan Bazargan, Susannah Johnston, Clifford Smith, and Benjamin Weinthal
Occupation, "Apartheid," and "Ethnic Cleansing": The Trifecta Libel Against Israel Thane Rosenbaum
October 7th Was Decades in the Making" Capitol Hill Briefing by eminent Israeli author Einat Wilf
On Our Doorstep: Iran and Hezbollahs Latin American Networks
Operation Breaking Dawn
Operation Torch

Ori Wertman on the Inside Story of Israel's Destruction of Syria's Nuclear Reactor
overview of "Liberated" Ethnic Studies,
Palestine 1936: The Great Revolt and the Roots of the Middle East Conflict with Oren Kessler
Palestinian Arab Betrayal of the Oslo Accords with Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Richard Kemp, and Hugh Kitson (We co-sponsor this event)
Palestinian Arab Human Rights Activist, on the politics inside Gaza and the Disputed Territories,
Palestinian Authority Antisemitism: A Fundamental and Lethal Component of PA Ideology with Itamar Marcus
Pandemics, Hate Crimes and Riots: Media Coverage of Antisemitism Since 2020 (Ben Cohen)
Part II: The Impact of the Israel-Hamas War on the Arab-Palestinian Community in Israel and Implications for Shared Society Part II: A Civic-Educational Perspective with Ayman Agbaria

Paul Miller: What Does Just War Theory Say about the Middle East?
Peace between Jews and Muslims: Permissible and Achievable with Imam Mohammad Tawhidi
Peace, Politics, and Plutonium The impact of Israel's election on the military and media battlefields with Gil Hoffman
Peace, Politics, and Plutonium: An Insider's Look at Israel's challenges on the military and media battlefields.
Perspective on UNRWA's War on the Jews with David Bedein
Preeminent Holocaust Scholar: October 7th Is a Turning Point in American Antisemitism |with Alvin Rosenfeld
President Biden's Middle East Trip
Producer of Banned Film on Islamic History Speaks Out
Prof. Eugene Kontorovich. Unpacking Israel and International Law

Professor Andrew Pessin: Critical Race Theory is Antisemitic
Projecting American Ideas About Race on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Liel Leibovitz
Protesting the Protesters: Is Democracy Really Under Threat in Israel?
Psychological Trauma and the Hamas War Strategy - featuring Irwin Mansdorf, PhD
Putin, Israel, and the War in Gaza with Izabella Tabarovsky
Rabbi Ammiel Hirsh The Inseparability of Zionism and Judaism June 13 9 am https://maimonidesfund-org.zoom.us/rec/play/CzrlkdY7dVwprT9B__up5Qkh1MyKOOPFK8kPWa85w9_dSmUC7iszW_zgT1A0BGOJtTeUDEep005Um3B1.wwtaiQlIxe8cZOsC?continueMode=true
Rabbi Andrew Sacks (organized by Sonoma County Israel Committee)
Rabbi David Wolpe: Why Antisemitism Makes Sense: Reflections on the Psychology of the Antisemite
Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove.The future of American Jewry.
Rabbi Hirsch in Discussion about Antisemitism
Rafal Pankowski. Antisemitism without Jews? The case of contemporary Poland
Raphael BenLevi: Does Israel Have a Grand Strategy?
Reclaiming Israels Legal Rights After the Mandate for Palestine
Red Sea Security and the Houthi Challenge with Michael Rubin

Rediscovering Judaism as an Iranian Refugee with Roya Hakakian
Rediscovering Portuguese Secrets: Little-Known Jewish History that Changed the World with Irene Shaland
Reed Rubinstein on Foreign Influence on Campus
Regavim - "Bedouistan: How Did We Get Here? And How Do We Get Out???"
Regavim - "Judea and Samaria or The Wild West Bank: Legal, Illegal and all the rest"
Regavim: "The Ongoing Battle for Jewish Sovereignty in the Land of Israel"
Reimagining a gap year program in Israel
Reinventing Selichot with Persian Jewish Music with Galeet Dardashti
Religious Dimensions of the Israel/Palestian Dispute - Ilan Troen

Religious Zionism: Past and Present with Professor Yehuda Mirsky
Remembering and Dismembering the Holocaust: Implications for Today
Report on the Ground: Pressing Dilemmas in Wartime Israel with Haviv Rettig Gur
Responses and Solutions to Jew Hatred on Campus
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Reviving a Dead Corpse: the continued Iran negotiations
Richard Landes (Boston University) "Jewish Anti-Zionism and Masochistic Messianism"
Rising Tensions in Gaza
Robert Malley and the Call from the Third World
Robert Spencer: Are Non-Muslims Free to Criticize Islam?
Roma, Jews, and the Holocaust with Ari Joskowicz

Ronald Gomes Casseres on "A Journey Through Curacao's Jewish History"
Russia's Current Role in the Middle East with Stephen Blank
Russia's Denazification of Ukraine: The Weaponization of Antisemitism in Contemporary Hybrid Conflict

Russia, Israel and the War with Hamas with Stephen Blank

Russia: The Roots of Modern Antisemitism with Izabella Tabarovsky
Russias Invasion of Ukraine & Israels Perspective on Iran
Salvaging Our Universities in an Era of Intellectual Decadence with Ken Marcus, Winfield Myers, and Victoria Coates
Sam Westrop: Ukraine's Crisis and Islamists' Responses
Santa Clara County Communities United Against Antisemitism
SAPIR presents: A Conversation with Anshel Pfeffer and Bret Stephens.
Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Return of American Anti-Zionism with Caroline Glick
Saudi Arabia/Iran - Unholy Alliance? Probable Ramifications to Israel and the US with Dr. Mordechai Keda
Saudia Arabia/Iran: Unholy Alliance? Probable Ramifications to the US and Israel with Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Scotland and Israel: The Impact of Devolution With Professor Adam Tomkins, chaired by Natasha Hausdorff
Sean Durns: How Hezbollah Manipulates the Media
Secrets of the Negev with Dr. Steve Rosen Presented in Person & Online
Selling Out: The United States, Israel and an Iranian Nuclear Bomb
Semites, Anti-Semites, and Bernard Lewis: The Life and Afterlife of a Seminal Book Martin Kramer
Session 1: Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present Antisemitism An Historical Overview with Dr. Pala Tartikov
Session 1: Antisemitism An Historical Overview With Historian David Kaufman
Session 2: Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present:: Antisemitism in Antiquity With Historian Paola Tartakoff ?
Session 3: Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present:: With Historian Paola Tartakoff Antisemitism in the Middle Ages Passcode: s=J+@*R7
Session 4: Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present:: Advent of Modern Antisemitism With Historian Ellie Schainker (Passcode: %t47zx!%)
Seth J. Frantzman on Drone Warfare in the Middle East
Setting the Record Straight: Dispelling Myths Surrounding Israel Part I with Andrew Pessin

Shared Legacies: African American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance with Bishop Robert G. Brown, Rabbi Richard Perlman and Tanisha M. Sullivan, Esquire, President of the Boston Branch of the NAACP,
Shay Khatiri on How Putin's War in Ukraine Impacts the Middle East
Shina A Light on Antisemitism and Hinduphobia: Part 2 What Hindus and Jews Can Learn from Each Other
Shine A Light On Antisemtism And Hinduphobia: Part 1 An interfaith response
Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas: Turkey, Israel and the Jews in Turkey After the 2022 Normalization Presenter Dr. Gallia Lindenstrauss
So you Want to be a Zionist?
Son of Hamas' Tackles University Antisemitism, Exposes Hamas 'Holy War' to Wipe Out Jews
Sovereignty: Is the New Government Making Progress? with Nadia Matar.
Special Briefing With Tal Schneider
srael's Democracy is Not DoomedWith Yotam Eyal
Stand With Us webtalks
StandWithUs Charlotte Korchak on Invasion from Gaza
StandWithUs Ethnic Studies Toolkit
Starting From the Ground Up: U.S. Policy Options for Post-Hamas Gaza with Michael Koplow and Shira Efron
Status Update: Biden and the Iran Deal Behnam Ben Taleblu
Stories of Israel's Founders and Its Declaration of Independence
Stories of Israel's Founders and Its Declaration of Independence
Students for Justice in Palestine - Unmasked with Dan Diker and Khaled Abu Toameh
Surviving the Al-Aqsa Flood: Ateret Cohanim at the Jerusalem Forefront with Daniel Luria

Susannah Johnston: Locally and Nationally, Your Taxes Are Funding Pro-Hamas Islamist
Susannah Johnston: Tehran's Man at Oberlin College
Systemic Antisemitism at the United Nations with Dina Rovner and Joan Lurie (we cosponsor this even
Talking to children about antisemitism
Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: Denying Jewish Self-Definition: The Latest Trend in Campus Antisemitism in America and What Can Be Done About It?
Teaching the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: One Professors Reflections with Michal Raucher

Tension's Mount: Israel's Judicial Reform
The $400 Billion China-Iran Agreement
The 382-Year Story of Suriname's Jewish Community with Jacob Steinberg

The Abraham Accords Post-October 7th with Ido Aharoni

The Abraham Accords: The future of peace in the Middle East Ambassador with Dan Shapiro
The Abraham Accords: The future of peace in the Middle East with Jason Greenblatt
The Afghanistan Withdrawal Vis-a-Vis Hezbollah on Israels Northern Border
The American Political Left's Response to Antisemitism with Linda Maizels (U.S. Department of State)
The Anti-Jewish campaign of Louis Farrakhan
The Apartheid Calumny: Antisemitism and the Instrumentalization of International Law
The Arc of a Covenant: The United States, Israel, and the Fate of the Jewish People with Walter Russell Mead
The Baron Hirsch Jewish Colonies in Argentina: Yiddish Speaking Gauchos with Jacob Shoshan
The BBC: What is it doing and what can we do about it? With Hadar Sela and Jonathan Turner, chaired by Natasha Hausdorff
The Ben & Jerry's Saga
The bias against Israel in English Wikipedia

The Birth and the Evolution of the Palestinian Cause with Hussein Aboubakr Mansour
The British Treachery of Israel: the unknown story of Britain's plan to conquer the Jewish State in the 1950s
The Call to Stop the Iran Deal from Those Who Know the Regime Best
The Campus War Against Israel & Jews
The campus war against Israel,
The Capture of Americas Middle East Studies Centers
The Case Against Israel in the International Court With Natasha Hausdorff, chaired by Daniel Berke
The Challenges of Countering Islamism in the West with Abha Shankar, Sam Westrop, and Kyle Shideler
The Clash of Civilizations within Modern Israel with David Wurmser
The Coming Caliphate? Bill Roggio on Why Al-Qaeda and ISIS Still Matter
The Complicated and Dangerous Russia, China, Iran Alliance with Victoria Coates
The Concept of Proportionality in International Law and the Laws of Armed Conflict with Natasha Hausdorff
The dangers of mapping our own analogies onto Israelis and Palestinians - Einat Wilf
The Day After - A Discussion on The Ethics of War
The Day After Mahmoud Abbas
The Decline of ISNA: On-the-Scene at an Islamist Convention
The Development of Hamas in Light of its Relations with Israel and the Palestinian Authority with Abigail Jacobson

The differences between different Ethnic Studies frameworks
The Digital Frontline: The Israel-Hamas War on Social Media
The Empowerment of The Butcher of Damascus, Bashar al-Assad
The Engaged Jewish Parent: What we should be about
The Entertainment Worlds Tricky Relationship with Israel
The Essence of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Path to Lasting Peace - Einat Wilf
The Evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Part II & Answering Difficult Questions about Israel
The Failed State of Lebanon: The Challenge for the United States and Israel With David Schenker -
The Fight Against Antisemitism After October 7 with Jonathan Greenblatt
The Fight for Israeli Democracy with Tzipi Livni
The Flawed Logic Behind the JCPOA
The Fragile Israeli-Jordanian Peace
The Function of Antisemitism in Queer-Feminist Discourse
The Future of the Abraham Accords Robert Greenway executive director of the Abraham Accords Institute of Peace.
The Great Rewiring (of Gen Z) Jonathan Haidt
The Hamas War: A Historical Perspective of Potential Implications and Lessons Learned with Michael Doran
The Hidden History of Jewish People on the Islands of Madeira and Azores and the Unsolved Mystery of a Sefer Torah
The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia
The ICJ and Israel: Fmr. Justices Rubinstein & Sofaer Analyze

The Igbos (Jews of Africa): Antisemitism and Genocide with Remi Ilona (we co-sponsor this event)

The Incoming Israeli Governments Policies and Challenges Israeli Brigadier General Amir Avivi
The Iranian Nuclear Showdown
The Iranian Threat Now Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, Senior VP Research, Foundation for the Defense of Democracy
The IRGC's Expanding Presence in Latin America
The Israeli-Arab Insurrection Within Israels Borders
The IsraelHamas War and the Battle over Free Speech on Campus with Nadine Strossen and Ilya Shapiro
The IsraelHamas War and the Future of American Progressive Coalitions with Sheila Katz and Joel Rubin
The Jamaican Jewish Story Since 1656
The Jerusalem Sbarro Bombing
The Jewish Connection to Israel and Jerusalem with Michael Skobac
The Jews are Guilty: Contemporary Echoes of Old Tropes - Alvin Rosenfeld
The Jews Cannot Defeat Me: The Antisemitic Crusade of Louis Farrakhan
The Jews of Medieval Baghdad in the Abbasid Era with Jennifer Grayson
The Jews of Mexico City with Andrea Gardenhour and Sara Aroeste PW: Melton
The last Jews of Asmara (Eritrea)
The Legal War to Secure Jewish Students' Rights With Benjamin Ryberg
The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews -- A Special Lecture Series with Dr. Ruth R. Wisse
The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews" with Dr. Ruth R. Wisse
The Middle East after October 7th with Adi Schwartz
The Middle East's Widening War" with Col. Richard Kemp

The Mindset of the Arabs of Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon with Pinhas Inbari
The Moral and Strategic Failure in Ignoring Protests in Iran
The Mullahs' Minions: Exposing the Iran Lobby in America, with Navid Mohebbi
The Multi-front War Against Israel with Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Sarit Zehavi
The Nazi Roots of Arab Antisemitism
The New Crusades: Islamophobia and the Global War on Muslims with Prof. Khaled Beydoun
The New Maritime Deal with Lebanon: Who Gains and Who Loses? Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Sarit Zehavi.
The Normalization of Saudi-Israeli Relations with Rob Satloff
The outward narrative of conflict and the more cohesive day-to-day reality on the ground in Jerusalem Matti Friedman
The Palestinian Authority as the Source of Global Antisemitism a SUPERB presentation
The Palestinian Authority: Guilty of Child Abuse Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad War Against Israel
The Past and Present Story of Indonesian Jews
The perils of looking at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a purely Western lens
The perils of looking at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a purely Western lens - Einat Wilf
The power and limits of diplomacy, and new opportunities for Israel in the Middle East
The Price of Standing Up to Hamas in Gaza with Rami Aman
The Reform Movement and Wrestling with Zionism with Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch

The Relationship between Courts and Parliaments.
The Repercussions of Rejecting Reasonableness with Masua Sagiv and Neri Zilber
The Rise and Fall of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process with Lior Lehrs
The role of critical race theory, and the implications for Jews and antisemitism
The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
The Second Front conference on antisemitismBroadcast event: The battle for Israel and the Jewish people (The Jerusalem Post)
The Secret Muslim Apparatus: The Muslim Brotherhood's Industry of Death Cynthia Farahat
The Soviet Origins of Palestinian Antisemitism
The Soviet Roots of Today's Antizionist Antisemitism with Izabella Tabarovsky (We co-sponsor this talk)
The State of Antisemitism in America

The Symbolism of Palestinian Terror
The Tectonic Shift on Israel's Northern Border
The Time is NOW to Call Out Left-Wing Antisemitism - Dumisani Washington
The Track Record of the Iranian Regime
The Tragedy of Lebanon with Robert Rabil
The Trojan "Bourse" (This is about BDS serious impact on corporate investing)
The Truth About Jews and The Slave Trade
The Two-State Delusion & Israel at War with Elliot Abrams and Warren Stern

The UK Counter BDS Bill with Jonathan Turner
The Ukraine and Russia: A Troubled History
The UNs Newest Assault on Israel
The Uncertain Fate of Israels Northern Border Sant Zehavi

The View From Abu Dhabi
The View From Israel Within the Perilous, Shifting Sands of the Middle East with Brig. General Amir Avivi
The View from Jerusalem wit Alex Traiman (Gaza war)
The War in Israel and American Jewry: What Do We Do Now? with Bret Stephens, Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, Rachel Fish
The War of Return: Exploring UNRWA and the Right of Return - Einat Wilf
The Wayward Healer: Iatrogenic Antisemitism and the Perils of Intervention Kenneth L. Marcus
The Weakness of U.S. Jewish Leadership in the Face of Growing Jew-Hatred
The Weakness of US Jewish Leadership in the Face of Growing Jew Hatred
The West Bank Boils on the Back Burner Israel Policy Briefing with Ibrahim Eid Dalalsha (Director, Horizon Center for Political Studies and Media Outreach) and Amos Harel (Military Correspondent, Haaretz), moderated by Shira Efron (Diane and Guilford Glaz
The Yom Kippur War: 50 Years Later, with Author Matti Friedman
Their Relevance for Discussions of Contemporary Antisemitism Jeffrey Herf
There is no place like Homesh with Shmuel Wende
To What Extent Does Hamas Represent the Palestinians? with Yossi Kuperwasser
Toba Spitzer (Part 1): An Anti Jewish Rabbi
Toba Spitzer (Part 2): A Socialist Pretending to Be a Rabbi
Tom Nisani: Reclaiming Israeli Sovereignty over the Temple Mount
Tour of Jewish India with Yael Jhirad
Tour of Jewish Morocco
Tour of Jewish Uzbekistan
Tour of Karmei Tzur with Ruti Gillis and Eve Harow
Truman and Israel: The Behind-The-Scenes Story of U.S. Support for Statehood in 1948, with Dr. Robert Watson
Truth from Fiction: Judea and Samaria and the Jewish History of Area C
Turning the Victim into the Perpetrator: South Africas Case Against Israel with Amichai Cohen

Two States for Two Peoples? The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, International Law and EU PolicyWith Andrew Tucker and Prof Dr Wolfgang Bock
U.S. Colleges Teaching Hate: American Miseducation (Documentary)
U.S. Forces in Syria What Role Do They Play? with Sirwan Kajjo
U.S. Jews & Israel With Naama Klar,and Shaul Kelner
Under the Knesset Big Top: Israel's Political Circus & 2022 Elections With Alex Traiman in conversation with Eve Harow.
Understanding Antisemitism in America Today with Dov Waxman

Understanding Hezbollah Dr. Matthew Levitt and David Daoud
Understanding Israeli Judicial Reforms: A Debate with Shmuel Rosner Simcha Rothman and Professor Yaniv Roznai
Understanding Jewish Indigeneity in the Land of Israel: Indigenous New Zealanders Speak with Dr. Sheree Trotter and Dr. Saba Soomekh
Understanding the Cultural Boycott of Israel with Ari Ingel.
Understanding the Hamas War on Israel with Daniel Pipes, Gregg Roman, Jonathan Spyer, Nave Dromi
Understanding the History and Growing Rise of Antisemitism with Ben Freeman
Understanding the Labyrinth of the Israel Electoral Process
Understanding Zionism Charlotte Korchak
Unequivocal & Non-Partisan Support for Israel with Daniel KorenPost 10/7, Free Speech and Antisemitism on Campus
Unmasked: Radical Roots, Extremist Ends
Unmasking Jew Hatred Conference with Avi Abelow First Pulse of Israel Conference
Unmasking Jewish Conspiracy Theories: How Anti-Semitism Emerges from the Campus to the Public Sphere with Scott Shay

Unpacking CUNY's Anti-Israel PoliticsWith KC Johnson.
UNRWA Incites Violence Against Jews with David Bedein, Dr. Arnon Groiss Brooke Goldstein
Upcoming Webinar: Misunderstanding Iran

Update on the War Facing the State of Israel on Several Fronts with Amir Avivi

Urban Warfare against Terrorists: Military and Legal Challenges with Maj. John Spencer

Urgent Update on the Situation in Israel: Partners and Community Briefing (American Jewish Committee)
US National Security & Energy Policy Vis-a-Vis the Middle East and North Africa
US-Saudi Diplomacy Under President Biden
Using Legal Tools to Combat Campus Antisemitism
Using Litigation to Stop BDS with Marc Zell
VIDEO: Antisemitism: Ideologies and Institutions that Help Further the Hate
Virtual Tour of Jewish Barbados
Virtual Tour of Jewish Belarus - the Land of Synagogues
Virtual Tour of Jewish Iraq
Virtual Tour of Jewish So Paulo
Virtual Tour of Jewish So Paulo
Virtual Tour of Jewish Serbia
Virtual Tour: Jewish City Tour Recife (requires BZD membership)
Virtual Tour: Trieste with Evgenia Kempinski (requires BZD membership)
Virtual Walking Tour of Jewish Venice with Luisella
Visit Ein Gedi: An Oasis, a Synagogue, a Kibbutz
Waging Lawful Warfare against War Criminals with Jim Hanson
Walking the streets of Venice's ghetto with Avi Abelow
War of Shadows: Codebreakers, Spies, and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East Noted historian and journalist Gershom Gorenberg
Warning World is Playing into Hamas Strategy with John Spencer

Washington and Damascus: Make-Up Time? with David Adesnik
Wasiq Wasiq on Islamist 'Participationists' in the United Kingdom
Webinar: The Failure of Jewish Leadership: What is to Be Done? (June 3, 2021)
Webinar: The Failure of Jewish Leadership Wheres the ADL? (March 10, 2021)
Western Anti-Zionism and Arab Zionism - Einat Wilf
What are the Experiences of Jews of Color? Video and Discussion
What at Stake in Israel's Nov. 1 Election with Caroline Glick
What Britain Can Learn from Israel
What did Abraham have to do with the Abraham Accords? with Toby Greene
What Do Palestinians Think with Dr. Khalil Shikaki
What if the Holocaust Was Not about Hate? or Has universalization of the Holocaust destroyed Holocaust education? with Naya Lekht
What Is Behind the Massive U.S. Campus"Pro-Palestinian" Support for ISIS-Hamas? Featuring Dr. Jonathan Sarna
What Is Life Like for Palestinians in Gaza? | Unpacked
What Israel Can Learn from the Palestinians about Victory with Ron Schleifer
What on Earth is Putin Thinking?
What They Are Actually Teaching Kids in UNRWA Schools and Summer Camps with David Bedein

What will Israels next war look like? with Mordechai Kedar
What will stop the Islamic Republic of Iran
What Works? Successful Interventions to Counter Antisemitism
When will Saudi Arabia Sign Peace with Israel? with Hussain Abdul-Hussain,
When will the US stop funding terrorism?
Where Are We Now? Rethinking Exile, Diaspora and Home in Israel and America with Dr. Arnold Eisen, Chancellor Emeritus
Where are Your Jews?
Where Do We Go From Here? The Israeli Judicial Overhaul featuring Prof. Asher Cohen, Prof. Netta Barak-Corren, and Dan Meridor
White Supremacy in America w/ Dr. Simon Purdue (MEMRI)
Who are the 21st Century Jews? New Cultural Expression in Israeli and American Jewry
Whose Land? History and Current Situation.
Why do the United States and Israel treat Qatarwhich has a strong relationship with Iran and Hamas, with kid gloves? Hillel Frisch
Why Foreign Policy Matters in the Midterms FEATURING: Morgan Ortagus - Founder of Polaris National Security
Why is Contemporary Antisemitism so Sexy? A Unique Psychological Analysis: with David Nussbaum Part 1 (We co-sponsor this talk)
Why is Contemporary Antisemitism so Sexy? A Unique Psychological Analysis: with David Nussbaum Part 2 (We co-sponsor this talk)
Why is Hamas so Popular? with Eran Shayson (we co-sponsor this event)
Why is Left-Wing Antisemitism on the Rise? Featuring Dr. Brandy Shufutinsky

Why Portugals Expulsion of the Jews was so different and so consequential with R. Shlomo Pereira
Why Pressuring Israel to Intervene in Russias Ukraine War is Misguided and Dangerous Jonathan Tobin
Why Support for Israel's Heartland is Key to Peace in the Middle East with Luke Hilton (We cosponsor this talk)
Why We Insist on Getting it Wrong About the Muslim World
Wider Implications of the Fighting in Gaza with Aryeh Lightstone
Will Another ICJ Advisory Opinion on Israel Help or Hinder Peace? With Prof. Orde Kittrie, chaired by Natasha Hausdorff
Will Erdo?ans Charm Campaign Succeed? with Endy Zemenides
Yehudit Barsky (ISGAP) "Islamic Antisemitism in the United States: Recent Developments"
Yifa Segal: Why the Temple Mount Is a Flashpoint for Palestinian Violence
Yoram Ettinger: Does Israel Face a Palestinian Demographic Time Bomb?
Yossi Klein Halevi Exploring Zionism and Anti-Zionism .
Yossi Klein Halevi, Chloe Valdary, and Blake Flayton The future of Zionism and the Jewish relationship with other communities.
Zeev Jabotinsky Memorial and Tribute to the Great Zionist Leader
Zion in the Diaspora: How Jews Imagined They Lived in Zion Wherever they Actually Lived with Dr. David Kraemer
Zionism and Emotion: From Love to Anguish
Zionism in America After Oct 7th - Z3 in Partnership with Jewish Parents Academy
Zionism: An emotional state with Prof. Derek Penslar
Ziv Rubinowitz on the Israeli Judicial Overhall and the future of US-Israel Relations
The Middle Easternization of American Campuses: The Problem and Its Solution with Neetu Arnold